WMDC treats the main routes (defined roads) and a limited number of footpaths when ice or snow is forecast beyond midday.  Whilst this helps to ensure a strategic network of key routes are open many roads and paths are left untreated.  This is where you can make a positive contribution towards helping your community.

To support residents, the Council provides rock salt in bins and has allocated a supply of rock salt to South Elmsall Town Council.


The salt in the bins is provided for residents to use on roads and paths.  When salt is spread it helps prevent the formation of ice and softens snow.


In the event of severe snow conditions residents of South Elmsall can contact us at the Social Centre (Community Centre) on Westfield Lane to seek assistance.  Please consider our resources are stretched and so we will not be able to provide bespoke services.

The Town Council will seek assistance from qualified Contractors to help keep remote areas and elderly people's homes accessible and will, where possible supply and spread rock salt to enhance the safety of our vulnerable residents.




Check our website for regular helpful tips and information when severe snow fall occurs.

Contact us between 9am and 4.30pm for assistance if you require help (non-emergencies only) Tel:01977 642335





  • Take appropriate steps to ensure your own health and safety (such as wearing high visibility clothing, gloves with a good quality boots)
  • Always put salt on the path after you have shovelled away snow
  • Do not pile up snow where it will block or obstruct the footpath, access to property or road in anyway
  • Avoid using water as it may freeze and make the situation worse
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